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Ode To Back Porches

One of the many blessings of living in the south is the ubiquitous back porch. It’s a southern staple! The house my husband and I bought 4 years ago made the final cut largely based not on the merits of the kitchen (I’m a lousy cook!), but on the size of the back porch and the surrounding back yard. We’d shared a tiny courtyard with our neighbors in the city, so a move to the suburbs required a gathering place for our family and friends. This house’s porch has screens to keep the mosquitoes out and space for comfy (if mismatched) chairs. What more could we need? It was perfect! We shared many a meal and even hosted author friends out there a couple of times!

july 4 m

Four years have passed in the house now and our porch has been gathering cobwebs. I was beginning to miss it sorely. So on a recent weekend I found the broom and shooed our smallest children outside with some frozen pops, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. My husband and son soon followed. I catered the affair with iced tea. Soon several neighbors and their kids joined us.

mimi and pals in sunglasses

The kids played in the yard while the adults sat back on the porch. Good old small talk was shared and many books were discussed. The hours passed pleasantly. Not one of us accomplished a thing on our to-do list, but we were all the better for it.


Though this website is virtual, we hope it will act like that real back porch—as a sort of gathering space for talk about the things that matter to us, particularly faith, fiction, and family. We don’t anticipate any cobwebs gathering here, though. And know that as your Thomas Nelson Friends kick our feet up for conversation here in Nashville, we’ll be sipping sweet, southern iced tea!


Ami McConnell

Senior Acquisitions Editor


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Intro from Allen Arnold


Countless people dream of being a writer when they grow up. Of crafting the great American novel. Of having their words become flesh.

Few ever realize the dream.

But you’ve done it. Though it may not feel like it every day, you’re living that rare dream.

The Thomas Nelson Fiction team has a dream too.

We seek to reach the broadest possible audience with the best possible stories – always told from a Christian worldview. And you are a significant part of that vision becoming reality. In fact, you were hand-picked among hundreds of voices because of our deep belief in you and your stories.

More than that, you’re family. And family always has special places they like to gather and catch up.

Our outpost is here – on the back porch.

I invite you to join us for some candid conversation about the world of Fiction. We’ve saved a chair for you as well as some words to inspire, encourage, stretch and refresh you.

So have a seat. Let’s share some stories and some encouragement here on the back porch.

-Allen Arnold
Senior VP & Publisher, Fiction

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